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All SCVMA veterinarians and their hospitals operate under the California Veterinary Medical Board Practice Act ( and the American Veterinary Medical Association Code of Ethics (AVMA). All of our Board-certified veterinarians have passed the stringent process required to be board certified by their specialty college, click here to learn more.

If you are looking for a veterinarian in your community to provide veterinary care for your pet, we have over one thousand veterinarians in Los Angeles and Orange Counties to choose from. Both general practitioners and board-certified specialists maybe found by clicking the button below.

Get a FREE Shelter Adoption Examination

If you have just adopted (within the last 5-7 days) a pet from a local shelter and have received an SCVMA provided voucher for a FREE Shelter Adoption Examination, we have partipating veterinarians that offer complimentary initial visits within a limited time after adoption. Looking for a FREE SHELTER EXAMINATION, click on the the button below.

If your veterinarian is NOT on one of these lists, it probably means that they are NOT an SCVMA member veterinarian. Encourage them to go to and join the 1500 local veterinarians and 900 hospitals that are SCVMA members.