The SCVMA is the nations largest regional veterinary medical association representing over 900 hospitals and 1,500 members. We consider ourselves to be the source for all items related to veterinary medicine in Los Angeles and Orange County, California.

The History of Association

The Southern California Veterinary Medical Association (SCVMA) is a professional association (501(c)(6)-non-profit), made up of veterinarians dedicated to the advancement of animal health. Founded in 1905, the SCVMA is made up of more than 1,500 veterinarians (from mostly Los Angeles County and Orange County) who have met all the requirements for membership.

The Mission of Association

The primary purpose of the Southern California Veterinary Medical Association shall be the advancement of the science and art of veterinary medicine; the conservation and protection of animal health, including its relationship to public health and in general, the betterment of the veterinary profession.

In connection with this last object, by fostering continuing education programs,this Association may give opportunities to it’s members for the interchange of knowledge and the improvement of their skills.

Key Benefits of Membership


The veterinary profession is a small profession compared to other professions. The SCVMA provides venues and resources for you to network and commiserate about the day to day issues of being a veterinarian.

Continuing Education

Each month there are CALIFORNIA STATUTORILY- approved CE meetings that provide many opportunities for both RVTs and DVMs to earn CE credits.  It is possible to meet your state requirements for CE without ever leaving LA or OC.


Through our legislative advocate, the SCVMA is in touch with local governments in both counties. We actively seek to be at the table for open discussions on issues relating to the profession and small business.


The SCVMA website and the Pulse magazine provide information and resources on what is going on in the SCVMA as well as professional articles on clinical and business based topics.


Pulse is the official magazine of the Southern California Veterinary Medical Association. The monthly publication reaches more than 3,000 veterinarians, registered veterinary technicians and veterinary office staff in Southern California.


At Communities allow you to participate in discussions and share resources with other members.

There are two things that I have always known about myself: that I wanted to be a veterinarian and I wanted to be a mom.  I feel very lucky to be able to be both.  

I work in small animal general practice and truly cannot imagine doing anything else.  I seemed to be born with a deep love of animals that only grew stronger with age.  In fact, I knew I wanted to be a veterinarian despite not having any pets growing up.  (Although I suspect having younger twin brothers provided at least as much mischief in the house as any dog could have.)  I am also mama to a two and a half year old little boy and a six month old baby girl.  I am fortunate to have learned from the world’s best mom; she made raising four kids look easy and has endless love and warmth to give.  The grace with which she raised my siblings and I is something I aspire to.  Now, as I navigate life raising my own little ones, I am learning just how all-consuming parenthood is and how difficult it can be to find time for much else.

I was initially reluctant to take on the position of SCVMA President.  Before kids, I would have had little hesitancy in accepting the role.  However, it feels like my to-do list is endless these days.  Between work and home, some days I feel pulled in so many directions that the thought of making one more decision is exhausting.  While considering the position, I questioned if I had the bandwidth to take on one more thing.  Could I do right by the association and its members knowing how busy I am in this season of my life?  Would I feel guilty taking time away from my children?  Can my husband handle the bedtime routines by himself when I’m at meetings?  I struggled with answers to these questions and more.  I thought through the recent past presidents hoping to think of someone with a similar situation to tell me how easily it could all be done!

Since you’re reading this, it should come as no surprise that I decided to go for it.  Did I find a way to add more hours to the day?  Unfortunately, no.  Am I certain my husband can handle a few nights of solo parenting? Also, no.  But I am grateful for the opportunity to be a servant leader and willing to give it my best.  And while being President of the SCVMA far from qualifies as “self-care,” I do think it is important for my family and myself that I carve out time for me.  As a new mom, there are times that my sense of self has become muddled and I look forward to having something to do that does not involve my kiddos.

I also hope to show my kids that it is important to keep growing personally and professionally.  When I joined the SCVMA as a new graduate, I did so because I thought that it was something you just did.  Becoming involved with the Board was never on my radar and now I look forward to representing the nation’s largest regional veterinary medical association. Assuming I make it through the year unscathed, it is my wish that others will feel encouraged to explore organized veterinary medicine earlier in their careers.  I can’t guarantee it will be easy, but it will be worth it.  I hope I can be the one to tell other moms with a DVM that it can be done!

Megan Nowell, DVM

SCVMA President

Membership Options

  • DVM

  • $250 / yr.
    • For California licensed veterinarians practicing OR living in Los Angeles County or Orange County. Dues vary based year of graduation. For university faculty,  equine veterinarians or veterinarians working for public or non-for-profit entities, please email

  • Non-Resident DVMs

  • $175/ yr.
    • For veterinarians who reside AND practice anywhere outside of Los Angeles County or Orange County

  • DVM Student

  • FREE
    • FREE while enrolled in a veterinary college

  • Friend

  • $175/ yr.
    • For individuals working for or owning a business that provides services or products or supports the veterinary profession.

  • Para-Professional

  • $45/ yr.
    • For any veterinary hospital employee that is NOT a licensed veterinarian

  • RVT Student

  • FREE
    • FREE while enrolled in a program leading to eligibility to receive an RVT license

  • Veterinary Assistant Student

  • FREE
    • FREE while enrolled in a program that teaches veterinary assistant skills.