The SCVMA is the nations largest regional veterinary medical association representing over 900 hospitals and 1,500 members. We consider ourselves to be the source for all items related to veterinary medicine in Los Angeles and Orange County, California.

The History of Association

The Southern California Veterinary Medical Association (SCVMA) is a professional association (501(c)(6)-non-profit), made up of veterinarians dedicated to the advancement of animal health. Founded in 1905, the SCVMA is made up of more than 1,500 veterinarians (from mostly Los Angeles County and Orange County) who have met all the requirements for membership.

The Mission of Association

The primary purpose of the Southern California Veterinary Medical Association shall be the advancement of the science and art of veterinary medicine; the conservation and protection of animal health, including its relationship to public health and in general, the betterment of the veterinary profession.

In connection with this last object, by fostering continuing education programs,this Association may give opportunities to it’s members for the interchange of knowledge and the improvement of their skills.

Key Benefits of Membership


The veterinary profession is a small profession compared to other professions. The SCVMA provides venues and resources for you to network and commiserate about the day to day issues of being a veterinarian.

Continuing Education

Each month there are CALIFORNIA STATUTORILY- approved CE meetings that provide many opportunities for both RVTs and DVMs to earn CE credits.  It is possible to meet your state requirements for CE without ever leaving LA or OC.


Through our legislative advocate, the SCVMA is in touch with local governments in both counties. We actively seek to be at the table for open discussions on issues relating to the profession and small business.


The SCVMA website and the Pulse magazine provide information and resources on what is going on in the SCVMA as well as professional articles on clinical and business based topics.


Pulse is the official magazine of the Southern California Veterinary Medical Association. The monthly publication reaches more than 3,000 veterinarians, registered veterinary technicians and veterinary office staff in Southern California.


At Communities allow you to participate in discussions and share resources with other members.

Welcome to the Southern California Veterinary Medical Association website! We are one of the largest regional associations representing over 900 hospitals in So Cal and over 1500 members! Our membership is comprised not only of veterinarians involved in all fields of animal care, but also of registered veterinary technicians, as well as many members of our community who support our association and who have a great love for animals and their welfare. At SCVMA we believe in supporting our veterinary community and partners in their pursuit of advancing animal health. This year we are celebrating our 115th anniversary!

The SCVMA is formed by 7 geographically designed chapters. All the chapters hold monthly meetings where members are updated and discuss current events surrounding veterinary medicine at the same time that they attend a continuing education program. In addition to these meetings, the SCVMA organizes numerous state of the art, CE programs through Los Angeles and Orange County.

We are proud to support our veterinary students and registered veterinary technician students through our Animal Health Foundation which offers scholarships to outstanding students who are originally from Los Angeles or Orange County. In addition, we recognize our outstanding members through various awards which are voted upon and given during our annual celebration event.

The SCVMA also has task forces to support our local shelters, allied industries and wellness programs, all of which are critical to our profession.

In addition, we publish a monthly magazine, the Pulse, which is aimed at informing our membership, providing article of great value and interest, and as well as providing a vehicle for advertising of pertinent services.

And last, but certainly not least, the SCVMA is present representing our membership in our local governments as well as with the California Veterinary Medical Association. We want to make sure that the voices of our membership our heard and that their needs are being met!

Georgina Marquez, DVM, DAVIM
President, SCVMA 

Membership Options

  • DVM

  • $250 / yr.
    • For California licensed veterinarians practicing OR living in Los Angeles County or Orange County. Dues vary based year of graduation. For university faculty,  equine veterinarians or veterinarians working for public or non-for-profit entities, please email

  • Non-Resident DVMs

  • $175/ yr.
    • For veterinarians who reside AND practice anywhere outside of Los Angeles County or Orange County

  • DVM Student

  • FREE
    • FREE while enrolled in a veterinary college

  • Friend

  • $175/ yr.
    • For individuals working for or owning a business that provides services or products or supports the veterinary profession.

  • Para-Professional

  • $45/ yr.
    • For any veterinary hospital employee that is NOT a licensed veterinarian

  • RVT Student

  • FREE
    • FREE while enrolled in a program leading to eligibility to receive an RVT license