The SCVMA is the nations largest regional veterinary medical association representing over 900 hospitals and 1,500 members. We consider ourselves to be the source for all items related to veterinary medicine in Los Angeles and Orange County, California.

The History of Association

The Southern California Veterinary Medical Association (SCVMA) is a professional association (501(c)(6)-non-profit), made up of veterinarians dedicated to the advancement of animal health. Founded in 1905, the SCVMA is made up of more than 1,500 veterinarians (from mostly Los Angeles County and Orange County) who have met all the requirements for membership.

The Mission of Association

The primary purpose of the Southern California Veterinary Medical Association shall be the advancement of the science and art of veterinary medicine; the conservation and protection of animal health, including its relationship to public health and in general, the betterment of the veterinary profession.

In connection with this last object, by fostering continuing education programs,this Association may give opportunities to it’s members for the interchange of knowledge and the improvement of their skills.

Key Benefits of Membership


The veterinary profession is a small profession compared to other professions. The SCVMA provides venues and resources for you to network and commiserate about the day to day issues of being a veterinarian.

Continuing Education

Each month there are CALIFORNIA STATUTORILY- approved CE meetings that provide many opportunities for both RVTs and DVMs to earn CE credits.  It is possible to meet your state requirements for CE without ever leaving LA or OC.


Through our legislative advocate, the SCVMA is in touch with local governments in both counties. We actively seek to be at the table for open discussions on issues relating to the profession and small business.


The SCVMA website and the Pulse magazine provide information and resources on what is going on in the SCVMA as well as professional articles on clinical and business based topics.


Pulse is the official magazine of the Southern California Veterinary Medical Association. The monthly publication reaches more than 3,000 veterinarians, registered veterinary technicians and veterinary office staff in Southern California.


At Communities allow you to participate in discussions and share resources with other members.

Dr. Raymond de Villa starts his term as SCVMA’s new president under the specter of the Coronavirus pandemic – with hope that will change for the better as the year progresses.

“I don’t know what we can do in 2021 because of the current situation,” the SCVMA essentially runs itself.  And the Board [of Trustees] will continue to meet virtually for the time being until such time when we can meet again face to face.”  But he is determined to do all he can to help the association move forward.

“One of the goals of SCVMA has been to help the Education and Scholarship Foundation become self-sufficient,” he said. This would mean shoring up the fund with enough money so scholarships granted each year to veterinary and RVT students could come from returns on investment instead of from contributions.   “That is one of my goals,” the new president said. “We have to come up with different projects and plans to do that.”

He would like to reach out to non-veterinarians. “I want them to know that the SCVMA is not just for veterinarians but for everyone in the profession – the techs, the assistants, the practice managers, the receptionists and so on.   Everybody should have a voice.”

He would like to reach out to students. “I would like to get more students involved at a younger age – at Western and UC Davis – so that when they graduate they can quickly become productive members of SCVMA.”

He wants the association to be the voice of community on social issues such as diversity, not just veterinary issues.  “I’d like to encourage dialogue between different parties to resolve social issues so everyone gets along better.”  He noted that an outside company has been working on a survey of these issues that he hopes might be a starting point for SCVMA, when it is completed, “to help us determine what action plans we can use to improve the diversity situation in Southern California.”

President, SCVMA 

Membership Options

  • DVM

  • $250 / yr.
    • For California licensed veterinarians practicing OR living in Los Angeles County or Orange County. Dues vary based year of graduation. For university faculty,  equine veterinarians or veterinarians working for public or non-for-profit entities, please email

  • Non-Resident DVMs

  • $175/ yr.
    • For veterinarians who reside AND practice anywhere outside of Los Angeles County or Orange County

  • DVM Student

  • FREE
    • FREE while enrolled in a veterinary college

  • Friend

  • $175/ yr.
    • For individuals working for or owning a business that provides services or products or supports the veterinary profession.

  • Para-Professional

  • $45/ yr.
    • For any veterinary hospital employee that is NOT a licensed veterinarian

  • RVT Student

  • FREE
    • FREE while enrolled in a program leading to eligibility to receive an RVT license

  • Veterinary Assistant Student

  • FREE
    • FREE while enrolled in a program that teaches veterinary assistant skills.